For the past 13 years, Ian  Leaf Tax Fraud has made a clear and conscious effort to educate the public about tax fraud and its dangers.

During those years, Leaf has seen his fair share of fraudulent activities. He frequently writes about scams and fraudsters and how the public can be aware of such people and activities.

Ian Leaf Tax Fraud

Ian Leaf Tax Fraud, what do to about it, and how to stop it.

“Stopping fraud is about being educated,” says Leaf. “The same goes for tax fraud. People who are willing to commit fraud on a small scale are likely to create fraud later on a large scale, that’s my experience. When you’ve done something once, it’s easier to do again and again. Without pumping the brakes and asking yourself, ‘Is this legal?’ and ‘Is this right?’ you could end up in a world of hurt. Almost all tax fraud is committed knowingly. People claim they didn’t know, but that’s rarely the case. Sometimes a rogue CPA or tax attorney is overly aggressive, but even that is at the behest of the fraudster.”