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Ian Leaf New ZealandWatching a movie or reading about Dublin, Ireland can never replace being in the city. Dublin, Ireland is the story of legend and the home of a proud and spirited people. No matter where you go in the world, Dublin is a place anyone can enjoy. The welcoming atmosphere in villages, and hotels makes the trip worth taking. “Ian Leaf is an avid promoter of the city of Dublin and its historical tourist attractions and beautifully designed homes.

There are so many things to do in Dublin. Whether you are a thrill seeker, historian or golfer, Dublin is the place to find your kind of entertainment. Take a walking tour, visit a museum or spend the day at the Dublin zoo. The city has boat tours and a Ferris wheel that rides over the water.

After a busy day of boat rides, city tours, and zoo expeditions go out on the town and spend time at the Temple bar. Tap your feet to traditional Irish music. In the morning take a trip to Malahide Castle and soak up a bit of Irish history. Dating as far back as the 12th century this structure has shops, a café, and beautiful surroundings. St. Anne’s Park is also a beautiful spot and a great way to soak up the countryside.

For centuries, Dublin Ireland was known for its fishing exploits. Waterside Howth/Howth Harbor is the place to get a feel for what things were like in the days of seafaring vessels. In North County Dublin, you will find the lighthouse, great restaurants and an abundance of places to stay. The Clontarf Castle in Dublin is highly rated and a great romantic getaway. The Aberdeen Lodge is a very nice place too, only a short ride to the village; the homes surrounding the area offers a great insider’s view of Dublin.

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