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Ian Leaf Recommends Popular Tourist Attractions in Switzerland

Switzerland has some of the most beautiful scenery to be found throughout the world. With it’s massive amounts of mountainous areas, perfect for those who have a love for the outdoors. More and more visitors are coming from all over just to catch a glimpse of such beauty. Make sure to bring along a camera, you are guaranteed to want plenty of pictures. There are places for people of all ages, from museums and castles, to enormous glaciers. It is truly an amazing place in which to visit.

The Chillon Castle

Located along the rocky banks of Geneva with over three hundred thousand visitors a year. With it’s wall to wall intricate paintings filling the walls. There is a total of twenty-five building structures in which to navigate through, as well as three courtyards that draw in tons of travelers. The castle is available to be rented out to patrons for special occasions, including weddings. There are guided tours provided daily, catering to both individuals and groups.

Open Air Museum Ballenberg

With over one hundred exhibits to explore this museum shares the history of it’s people and how they lived their lives. Find out how well the country folk of Ballenberg used knowledge of cultivation to successfully farming and performing expert craftsmanship. You will also find hundreds of farm animals grazing throughout the land, just like you’d see years ago.

Zermatlantis Matterhorn Museum

One of the most famous mountains found in Switzerland is the Matterhorn and the Zermatlantis Museum will leave you speechless with it’s beauty. There a numerous pictures in which are provided for patrons viewing pleasure, as well as many extravagant stories of these great mountains to be told. Featuring a quaint little village with genuine mountain huts in which visitors can experience what it is like to live on the side of the Matterhorn.

The Bernina Express

This is a very different railway ride through the amazing Swiss Alps. Get an up close look at the vast amounts of enormous glaziers scattered around the area. You travel through deep tunnels and over some of the longest bridges in Switzerland. The Bernina Express gives visitors a glimpse of such wonderful scenic views, experience hours of enjoyment during your travels.

Swiss Salt Mine Museum

For a different learning experience while visiting Switzerland, the old Salt Mine Museum is a unique place to see. Find out about various mining techniques were used throughout the years to extract precious salt from within Swiss mountains. You can even travel on their small train to explore the many caverns to a quaint restaurant located deep inside the mountain. Afterward visitors can venture on foot and explore deeper into the tunneled passage ways.

The Rhine Falls

Of course we have to leave the best attraction for last, if you want an unforgettable experience, the amazing Rhine Falls is it. Take a ship to one of several castles in luxurious Switzerland, observing the many natural wonders. Stop by their visitors center and find out the history surrounding these magnificent falls. It’s cascading waters over an enormous rocky surface are simply a delight for the eyes to behold.

Motels and Lodging in Switzerland

There are numerous places to stay while exploring the magnificent Swiss valley. Make sure to meet all visitors accommodations, enabling their stay to be all that more inviting. Providing first class service to patrons, going above and beyond for everyone is what Ian Leaf is all about!

The Beau-Rivage Palace

Just like it’s name suggests, the Beau-Rivage is an extravagant place in which to stay throughout your visit to Switzerland. With incredible mountain top views and over a hundred rooms and accommodations. Visit their four restaurants with some of the best chefs around to prepare mouth watering meals and desserts. They offer various sports activities, such as tennis, golfing, swimming, and working out. You can even get a personal make over by the professional hair stylist at Beau-Rivage Palace. For those traveling with small children there is a day care facility in which guests can spend some quality time alone with one another. There are even special rooms available for people staying with their pets and animals.

Hotel Krafft Basel

Located along the majestic Rhine, this hotel has many great scenic views to behold. Including a terrace overlooking the Rhine River, enjoy a cup coffee while gazing over the wilderness. Have an authentic Swiss style dinner created by their highly skilled chefs. Find out what the local cuisine really tastes like. And the rooms are decorated so elaborately, providing a special touch for guests.

The Parkhotel Bellevue & Spa

Nestled among the Swiss mountains the Parkhotel Bellevue&Spa is like a dream come true. There are not only beautiful mountaintops to admire, it has a wondrous garden to view as well. Providing patrons with radios, televisions, telephones, and mini bars in every suite. As well as both indoor and outdoor swimming facilities. You can take time from exploring Switzerland with one of their luxurious spa treatments. It is known to be one of the quietest areas located around.

Le Grand Chalet Favre

For the ultimate Swiss experience Ian Leaf recommends the Le Grand Chalet Favre, it is truly a place to stay. Overlooking the Matterhorn, guests can go out on their personal balconies to enjoy the magnificent views. It offers several eateries to dine at, including an open deck garden restaurant.

Kastenegg Feusisberg Bed and Breakfast

The Kastenegg is perfect for those with numerous people traveling with them. There are vast lakes and mountains are far as the eye can see, you will be truly amazed. With spacious rooms to make guests stay a more comfortable one. Offering a homemade breakfast on their beautiful garden patio. It is located at the perfect spot in which patrons can enjoy a variety of activities, such as hiking and mountain climbing.

Ian Andrews Switzerland Conclusion

For those who do choose to visit Switzerland, you are guaranteed to have the most magnificent time of your life. With wonderful memories to treasure for the rest of your life.

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